Important changes to the Citizenship Act

We would like to inform you of several significant changes in the Canadian Citizenship Act that will either come into force over the next few months or are already applicable.

Among those changes already applicable is :

It is important to note that the Citizenship Act will now have some reasonable measure to accommodate the needs of a citizenship applicant who is a disabled person.

Attention, the implementation of the modifications to the Citizenship Act does not only terminate some requirements, but may also add some, such as the prohibition of a person who served a conditional sentence to obtain citizenship, to take their Oath of Citizenship or account for their time in custody to satisfy the requirements of physical presence in Canada so as to obtain their citizenship.

With respect to the requirements that will be effective in Autumn 2017, a considerable modification has an impact on the time period for which the applicant must be in fact present in Canada prior to filing their application :

Finally, the last modifications that will come into effect in the beginning of 2018 will come from the Federal Court’s competencies with respect to revocation of citizenship and citizenship agents rights to seize in case of fraudulent or presumed fraudulent documents.

In conclusion, it is important to keep in mind that the enforcement dates of these various measures will be progressive up until 2018 and it is always necessary to stay abreast of eventual modifications.

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